An Old Love Poem

I actually don’t recall writing this one, but I found it tucked in the little pouch at the back of my writing book today. Not entirely certain why I’d torn that page out, either, if I’m entirely honest. There was a picture of a sword drawn on the back of it too. The sword was very clearly not drawn by me (the lines are far too clean for it to be mine), but the poem is also very clearly in my handwriting. Odd little discovery, thought I’d share it.

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Lady of the Moonlight

No one knew when the war had started. It seemed to have always been. It was a stream of constant battles between the vampires and werewolves. No one could really say when or how the initial conflict began, but an eye for an eye was a proverb both sides followed almost religiously. Authorities had been called countless times to break up the riots. They stopped coming.

The crows and ravens were the messengers of violence. The smart folk knew to stay away from where they flocked; the clever ones bribed them with food for safe passage. The birds took no sides. They only served whoever best served their desires. They watched. And they waited.

The vampires trusted the ravens. The werewolves knew they could count on the crows.

Until one day they couldn’t.

The day she came.

Whispers spread ear to ear. Rumours. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why this school? She was one of the fae. A siren. An elf. A witch. Something else entirely.

Watching her glide by, her feet hidden beneath the hem of her skirts that trailed behind her, made everyone fall silent. Her eyes were dark and shadowed, her hair gold and ethereal, shining even beneath her hood. When she’d passed, everyone blinked a fog out of their eyes and wondered if she’d been real.

The birds flocked to her, an ominous murder foretelling some doom.

All the fighting stopped when she entered the fray. She always walked into the crowd boldly, and it parted before her footsteps like a mist. All breath was stolen from their lungs. Every head turned to watch her pass. When she was gone, they dropped their arms and walked back to whence they came.

All was silent.

The vampires and the werewolves, once bitter enemies, huddled together in fear of her. They cowered whenever a black shape soared over them and spoke only in hushed tones.

One night, when the moon was full and the wind was still, they gathered in the courtyard to confront her. She stood in the centre, head bowed and smiling as though she’d known all along they would be coming.

All the fire in their eyes went out, replaced by a sheer terror whipped up by the sudden gale that whipped around them.

She may have said something. She may have not said a word. All they knew was that she lifted her arms, calling the black birds to her on the wind. When they surrounded her, a whirlwind of nearly impenetrable darkness, she let out a cry.

And she was gone.


No one knows when the war stopped, or when the carrion birds ceased to flock here. In a single night, both were gone, replaced by a fog of memory long gone.

I did some Art

So, we’re all stuck in quarantine in some form or another. Things are Not Normal right now and we’re living in crazy times. So what does one do when stuck at home all day with no way to talk to friends who are still at work because apparently the world will end if lawns aren’t mowed? Everything!

Well, maybe not everything, but I’m doing a lot more than I normally would do.

I’ve taken up exercising at least several times a week (though I’m still trying to make it a proper habit), and I’m also trying to cut down my sugar intake. It’s been decided that my brother and I each have to cook two days out of the week so I’ve been making a lot of soup for the most part, and the two of us have taken to making homemade bread on the semi-regular.

I’ve also decided to use a tiny sketchbook and some pencil crayons I’ve had lying around for ages. I’m focusing mostly on simple nature drawings for the time being, since basic shapes like mushrooms and flowers are easier to make the way I want.


So here we have what was basically an adventure in swooshes, an attempt to recreate my favourite kind of tree that became far too tedious to properly complete, and some adorable mushrooms! Can you tell which one’s my favourite?

I do definitely need to work on my colour coordination skills, since the two leftmost mushrooms almost blend into each other, but I think I got better as I moved to the right. I’m thinking I might do some more cute mushrooms and such throughout this month, just to see if I can improve my skills any.

Anyway, that’s all for today, lovelies! Here’s hoping you’re all staying safe and sane. God bless!

Yet another post about COVID-19

I’m sure many of you have already heard this more than you’d care to by now. Buckle your seatbelts because you’re about to hear it again!

With the recent coronavirus outbreak now being officially called a pandemic by the WHO, it’s more important now than ever to remember some of the basic tenants of not spreading illness (of any variety).

  1. Wash your Hands. Wash them, wash them, wash them! For twenty seconds with soap and warm, running water, wash your hands every time you touch something that might have possibly been touched by someone infected. Wash if you’ve coughed or sneezed anywhere close to your hands. And for the love of God, wash you hands after you use the restroom and before you start handling food. I personally like to recite the first few lines of Hamlet’s “To Be or Not To Be” speech in a dramatic fashion to time it out, but there are many alternatives.
  2. Hand Sanitizer. It’s best to use soap as your go-to, but hand sanitizer is a good thing to keep on hand for when you’re on the go and don’t have access to soap and water. Just don’t rely on it alone. The virus is broken down better by soap and hand sanitizer dries your hands out more, which makes them more prone to infection. Maybe bring some hand cream around with you as well.
  3. Social Distancing. I know, I get it, sometimes going out and being around people is unavoidable. You still need groceries, and anyone who works in retail or one of the (now very) essential job spheres — shout out to the folks working at the grocery stores — still needs to go to work lest society itself ceases to function. Seriously, though, where you can, minimize your risk of coming into contact with people who have the virus. Don’t go to any large gatherings or parties, minimize how touchy you are with people around you, and stay home when you can. We live in an age of technology. Video chats are a thing now.
  4. Self-Quarantine. If you are sick, Do Not Go Out! I cannot repeat this enough times, unless you are going to the hospital to get tested or treated, do not go out into public. Whether you think you have Covid or not, you are putting other people you’re around at risk. If you need groceries, call a friend or family member to buy them for you and drop them off at your front door. If you have work, call in sick; now of all times they have to understand.
  5. For the love of all that is good, stop hoarding all the toilet paper! Society isn’t about to collapse and the virus isn’t going to give you bowel problems. You do not need that much toilet paper. There are people with legitimate medical issues who do need toilet paper who can’t get it because so many people are hoarding it. There are also plenty of regular people who aren’t hoarding who still need toilet paper and can’t find it because other people are hoarding it.

Another thing that isn’t really essential but probably just a good idea: at my work we’re not accepting cash until further notice because money is some of the dirtiest stuff we handle on a day to day basis. We can wash our hands all we want, but we can’t wash the money. Consider paying for things by card or mobile pay until things settle down. This will mean less chance of you touching someone else’s hands, and less chance of you catching or spreading something via cash that’s been God only knows where before it got to you.

Anyway, that’s my public service announcement out of the way. Carry on and be safe!

Fibruary – Reflections

Note: This post is later than I originally intended it to be, but I felt it was good to still have my reflections in writing

Yeah, so I sort of fell off the wagon for getting things done. I’d say life got in the way, but in all honesty I just had a lot of days of not feeling like working on bracelets and a lot of days where I just straight up forgot about the whole project.

And that’s fine! There’s no higher authority saying that I have to get this thing done and do something related to the month’s theme every single day. There are no consequences if I take a week or two and just say “you know what, I’m not up for this right now.” It was just a fun little challenge I decided to take up for myself to give me something fun to do with all my threads.

Am I happy with the work I’ve done? I wish I’d gotten more pieces done, but overall yes.

Is this something I’d like to do again next year? Yes, definitely.

What have I learned?  I’ve learned that preparing and planning my colours and patterns the night before makes for a great head start and helps me remember sooner in the day. Also that fandom friends really like it when I do character-themed bracelets.

What would I do differently next year? Definitely see about getting myself a decent pinning pillow. I’ve already found myself a nice little project bag to keep my threads and scissors and such in so I stop forgetting things when I visit my friends for the weekend. I’d like to look into possibly learning embroidery for next year as well, since it would use the same threads and be something a little different than my usual.

Would I recommend this sort of challenge to anyone else? Absolutely! I’ve always loved the idea of the craft-themed months, but none of them were really something I felt I could do and be happy with. Fibruary was a theme that fit well into a craft hobby I already enjoyed. In regards to my particular fibre craft, it’s not something that takes an abundance of skill once you know how to do it, and the materials are nice and cheap as well.

Final thoughts? Well, I think I’ve already said everything there is to be said. I would like to possibly sell these at some point, since they’re lightweight and fit easily in a standard envelope for shipping.

Fibruary – Day 28

Yesterday’s bracelet was made by suggestion of a friend over discord. He chose the orange colour used here, then mentioned that he really liked sunset colours in general.

I’m quite happy with how this one turned out, particularly with my idea of having the colours of the diamonds and the crosses shift through the different thread colours as  the pattern continues.

Fibruary – Day 27

So I wound up skipping nearly 2 weeks of Fibruary doings. It happens; I partly lost motivation a lot of days and partly just forgot.

However! I have remembered the month for the last few days of it at least, and I’m happy to reveal my most recent completed project.

Fibruary - Day 27

I’m not super happy with my colour choices for this one, but I am rather please with the pattern I ended up forming.

A basic bordered arrowhead pattern has one colour acting as the border for the length of the braclet (except for the little bits at the ends). But that’s boring. Especially with this terrible colour combination. So instead what I did was to change the border colour every set of 3 colour blocks — those being a set of one row of each present colour. This wound up being a pretty well perfect length by complete accident.

All in all, while I’m still not completely happy with my colour combination here, I am rather pleased with the final result overall.

Fibruary – Days 12, 13 & 14

So Valentine’s Day has been just killing me at work, meaning I haven’t been able to get much work in on thread projects. This one took me a full three days of slowly working at it to finish.

Finally, though, it is done!Fibruary - Day 14 The colours on this one were chosen by a friend on Discord, who said that a green and blue bracelet would look nice. I decided it would be a great opportunity to utilize my transitioning colour threads. I also decided not to mirror the threads, like I usually do, and instead just knot the first row however the threads sat under the big knot and work from there. It makes for a rather neat effect, I think, even if it does trick the eye into seeing the two halves as lopsided nearer the top.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with how this one turned out. It was a fun little experiment.

Fibruary – Days 9, 10 & 11

Another two-day project here. This is another bracelet with colours chosen by my friend. This time it’s based off her favourite D&D character, Demira Pyrite Avail. She’s a silver dragonborn paladin with a temper, a massive crush on her country’s dragon Archduke, and a penchant for hoarding valuables.Fibruary - Day 9+10

I’m really happy with how this bracelet turned out overall, particularly the beads. It was actually rather difficult because the silver thread I bought, while gorgeous, is actually rather slippery compared to my normal threads. This means that not only do the knots made with it not keep tension very well, but the threads themselves have a tendency to unravel, particularly when I have to unpick knots after forgetting to place a bead on the X’s.

Still, though, a very pretty piece overall and I would definitely love to make this one again, maybe replacing the light blue thread with another white one and adding more beads. We’ll see.

As for day 11, I didn’t really get anything done, so I’m taking today as a pass. I hope to be able to get something done for tomorrow, though I’m not sure what yet. I’ll probably ask my friends to pick colours and patterns for me again.

Fibruary – Day 7 &8

I finally got Day 6’s bracelet finished!

Fibruary - Day 8

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, even if I would’ve preferred a colour other than black for the main pattern. I am also happy to report that my friend has approved of the bracelet and I am allowed to continue entering her living room for the time being.

Today’s project is just going to be a copy of day 4 and 5’s projects for a friend, so I won’t post the pictures, since it’d just be redundant.

Fibruary – Day 6

Greatest of apologies! I did not managed to finish today’s project. Unfortunately I had work today and just didn’t have the chance to work on this one as much as I would’ve liked.

Fibruary - Day 7

At least I got the pattern started enough that you can see how it’ll turn out. My friend (not the same as last time) picked out these colours, throwing the black in as a curve ball with the challenge “make this into something that looks good or you’re not allowed in this living room ever again.”

She’s like that.

Anyway, I think this turned out not too bad! Hopefully she’ll agree, otherwise spending the night at her place is going to become significantly more difficult.

Fibruary – Day 5

Today’s bracelet is a companion to yesterday’s!

Fibruary - Day 5

This one is based off the character Gregor Hartway from the same series.

Same pattern and same scheme of making their secondary colours the primary one on the flowers.

I enjoy doing these skinny bracelets because it’s easy to get one done relatively quick, but I’ll be going back to regular ones for tomorrow. Here’s a little sneak preview~

Fibruary - Day 6a