I Have a Ko-Fi Account

So, as you may or may not know, I’m currently only doing writing as a side thing right now. It’s essentially a hobby, as my mom says, because I’m not paid by anyone to write. Writing is a difficult thing to get paid for if you aren’t a published author or working for a magazine or newspaper or somesuch.

Artists and animators can do Patreon, with it’s many tiered donation system and various donation incentives provided by the creator. That’s a little harder to do with writing, though, at least in my mind. I’m inconsistent with posting things at the best of times, and how long or short something is will highly depend on my mood and current levels of energy. In short, something like Patreon wouldn’t really work for how I work.

Well, I think I found something that will work. Enter the “Buy Me a Coffee” trend thingy. Ko-fi, the site behind it, is basically a one-time donation thing. If you like my writing, consider donating a bit to help support me. There’s no repeat donations (unless you do it multiple times, of course), no obligation, and you can set how much you want to donate as far as I can tell.

So, like what I write?
Buy Me a Coffee