The Littlest Things . . .


Sandhill Crane

I had the pleasure of going to the local bird sanctuary yesterday. I always love seeing the birds and making them happy by feeding them. So just after I dump out the last of my birdseed to feed a swarm of ducks and geese, four sandhill cranes walk up out of what seemed like nowhere and came right up beside me. Literally RIGHT BESIDE ME. I wasn’t sure whether to be amazed or scared, since I heard these cranes can be aggressive.

Follow the Leader

Thankfully, I got to just be amazed as they were quite friendly. I did feel bad, however, for not having anymore food to give them. They were so close to me I probably could have stroked their feathers if I wasn’t afraid of being pecked.

After I go down another path for a bit, I look behind me to see there’s these three ducks following me. It was just so adorable I begged my mother to take a picture. Again, I felt bad because I had nothing to give to them even though they were waddling so fast to keep up with me. They eventually stopped following me when we passed by a pond and they figured out that I was out of birdseed.

Sometimes it really only takes the smallest of things to make me happy.


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