Childhood Memories and Family Pets

My grandmother and one of her sisters came over to visit today. Somehow, we all got on the subject of this dog their family had when they were kids, Rocky. Apparently this dog liked to chase rocks (can you guess how they named him?) and had next to no teeth because of it. But this isn’t the funny part.

Apparently, Rocky must have been a big, and rather smart, dog. Once, some of my grandma’s brothers wanted to go fishing, but didn’t want to take the dog because his rock chasing would scare all the fish away. They got up early in the morning to go and tried to leave as quietly as possible. Somehow, that dog must have figured out what was going on because just as they were getting ready to leave he comes crashing out of the house towards the car . . . through the window.

According to my grandma’s sister, that wasn’t the only time he’d done that either. Once, when they were going to the drive-in, the dog jumped through the window to join them. I suppose no one must have minded the broken glass too much because they brought the dog along anyway. As my grandma’s sister said it, he would sit in the front between two people and watch the movie and eat popcorn, and  then fart so bad that everyone had to leave the car so they could keep breathing.

I’m not sure what amazes me more, how much a pet can become part of the family, or just how interesting the childhood stories of grandparents can be.


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