Street Tires are a Pain

I hate the back tire on my bike. The front tire I’m okay with because it’s a trail tire, but my back tire is a street tire. It has ZERO traction, meaning that whenever I have to stop suddenly and quickly, it skids . . . a lot. I don’t even know how many times I’ve almost fallen over now because of that thing.
I almost ran into a car today because of that tire. I was riding with my family down Jericho Beach heading home when the hat I was wearing decides to fly off. Luckily, I was wearing a ponytail and it was a baseball cap so I didn’t lose it, but I wanted to slow down to put it back on properly. Sure enough, I have one hand reaching behind my head to grab the hat while the other is applying the brake and the back tire just goes nuts slipping around. It jolted me so much that I’m surprised the hat didn’t just fall off altogether then.
Long story short, I hate street tires.


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