Fascinating Cultures Abroad


Today I had the pleasure of being able to watch a performance of traditional Korean drum playing. In the picture you can see the Stin Myuing Drum Team as they play at the International Festival in my town.

It was a very captivating experience, watching them play these drums all in sync and with such skill. It amazes me when I think about all the practice that must have gone into memorizing the sequences and rhythms for both pieces.

This sort of performance was originally meant to bring new vigour to the Korean soldiers during war times, and one can see why with just one listen. It’s a very invigorating experience that I wouldn’t mind witnessing again.

I was reminded today how fascinating different cultures can be, particularly those of East Asia. Although personal experience has made me less inclined to revisit the continent, I would not mind if I had the opportunity to visit Japan, although not alone.


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