So I figure the meaning of our existence is a rather heavily debated topic in this day and age. Some people believe that we were placed here randomly, that we’ll just have our time then die and we should just make the most of what time we have. Others believe in some form of afterlife or reincarnation. Some believe in a higher power or god pulling the strings.

My point is, we believe in all manner of things. What I’m wondering is how you would prove or justify your existence to someone. What is the purpose behind your being where you are now? Why do you do what you do? What is the point of even living in the first place?

Give me your views, justify your beliefs to me, and I just might include them in a story or poem in the future. You don’t even have to tell me your actual reasons. Be creative, make something up, the wilder and crazier the better. You can even justify why you might not believe that this is all real. Try to convince me that you actually do (or do not) exist.


Go ahead. Convince me, human.

Go ahead. Convince me, human.

Prove Yourself


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