Strange Things at Home


My kitten likes to hop up on the car hood, especially when we just get home and it’s warm.

One day, my mom is leaving the house and I see the kitten sitting on top on the car, while it’s moving. She wouldn’t get off, so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures. I had to go up and pick her off the car so my mother could leave without worrying about her breaking her leg again.


Living the “Sheltered” Life

When I was in high school, I was known as the innocent little sheltered girl who didn’t understand anything beyond the basics about the real world. Let me just point out now that this was in a private, CHRISTIAN high school. Now I know that private schools aren’t exactly too different from public ones, except for the lack of fund-cutting and teachers who couldn’t care less about what their students do or don’t do in or out of class, but I would still expect better of students from a Christian school who claim to themselves be Christian.

From the shows and movies they watched to the music they listened to, and even to the things they knew, I always felt on the outside because I was almost never exposed to it. That fact got me called sheltered a lot.

I will tell you now, I am far from sheltered. I knew a kid who was sheltered, and I am nowhere close to him; his mother only let him watch ancient black and white films that she approved of, and don’t get me started on the rules she made for him. I have actually seen movies with violence, I know most of the usual cuss words (not that I’d use them), and I am aware of the general obsession of the adult public . . . all in time.

Unlike some kids’, my parents actually loved and care for me enough to steer me away from things that weren’t appropriate for my age like slasher flicks and TV shows or movies where all people seem to care about is getting naked with each other. So what’s the excuse for my current ignorance? Choice.

That’s right, people, I actually have a conscience and self-control enough to say no to many of the unwholesome things our world has to offer lately. Yes, you could probably argue that I’m a “mama’s girl” for more or less following the general guidelines set down by my parent’s when I was still a minor, but that’s my choice. I choose to not watch, read, hear, or otherwise be exposed to such things as Miley Cyrus’s latest plummet in character, or which celebrity is cheating with whatever person, or most of Lady Gaga’s music for that matter.

Just because I do not know the latest street names for drugs or what questionable activities public high school kids are getting up to these days does not mean that I am sheltered; it means that I have standards, boundaries, and enough self-respect and spiritual-integrity to avoid these things whenever possible.

I would like to retain what shreds of innocence I have left for as long as I can. If you don’t like that, too bad.

Why do we want eternity?

If you tell someone that you can grant them a wish, any wish, and the only rule is that is has to be for themselves, you might get a variety of answers: a new laptop, a bigger house with no mortgage to pay off, a girlfriend, lose a few pounds, or maybe that fancy new sports car all the engineers are going gaga over.

Now think bigger. What do you think people will wish for? Win the lottery every time you enter? Total financial security? I think not. That’s still too small.

If you get people to be truly honest, most – particularly those who aren’t terribly religious – will tell you that their greatest wish is to not die. ┬áTo live forever, and maybe even get some eternal youth tacked onto that as well. That is what they are most likely to answer.

But why do we say that? Continue reading

A Wish of Remembrance

I made a wish

on cold Winter’s night

when there were no stars

nor moon in sight.

The air was dark

my breath was white

a thousand trees

did block my sight.

My wish was made

on a flake of snow,

to be remembered

whence I go,

And I set the speck

to fly again

carried on

that cold North Wind.

“Bird Brain” should be a compliment

I was going around Stanley Park today and I saw the most unbelievable thing. I was going by the pool when I noticed there was a fountain that wouldn’t shut off. On top of that fountain was a crow.
That in itself isn’t too spectacular, I suppose, but this crow was actually taking drinks from the fountain. I was going to take a picture, but it flew away when I pulled out the camera.
Never underestimate the cunning and ingenuity of a bird.