I Must be a Terrible Person

Okay, okay, okay! I know I haven’t kept my promise of writing everyday, and I have no legitimate excuses for why. You can feel free to yell at me in the comments or virtually slap me, I know I deserve it. Seeing as how I’m having difficulty keeping with the everyday schedule, I shall instead change my posting to once per week at a minimum, and if I write more than that, I can feel accomplished.

In other news, my friend, I’m going to call her Black Goth, got engaged a few days ago. All congratulations and best wishes to her.

I’m also collaborating with another friend, I’ll call her Ani-otaku, on a story based on an RP we’re doing with some other friends. I’ll talk with her about if I can post some of it up here. If I do end up posting it, you can all have fun trying to guess which character is mine.

That’s all for now,

TTFN, SA out!


Why The Eagles have a point

Have you noticed how the LGBT-community and their supporters are getting more and more accepted these days? Have you noticed that anyone who voices an opinion that goes against any of said community’s causes promptly receives much flak for their opinions and beliefs? Especially if those people already have a hand in what is already familiar to us? I’ve noticed, and I’m not happy.

I know I’m probably opening myself to quite a bit of flak just by posting this, but it needs to be said. All those of you who go around complaining about how horrible these people with different beliefs from your own need to go out, possibly soak your heads, and get a reality check! People have, and will have, opinions that are different from yours. GET OVER IT!

You can’t say someone deserves to die, or whatever you say about them, just because they don’t approve of what you do or believe. We do not live in either Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, we can have our own opinions and not get executed for it. I myself have nothing against any member of the LGBT-community (or if I do, it’s certainly not because they are part of it), but that does not mean that I approve of what they do. You want to know what I think? I think it’s wrong.

I know I’m, once again, opening myself up to hate comments for what I’m about to say. God (yes, I AM a Christian and I AM bringing my faith into this) said himself in the Bible that he does not approve of homosexuality. He didn’t say he hates the people of the LGBT-community, he hates what they do. It’s the same for most so-called “homophobes”.

Whenever the general public finds out that some big-shot person who owns a company or has written popular books, for example, is “anti-gay” the entire north-western hemisphere seems to explode with outrage. People go into massive debates about the purchasing of their products or subliminal messaging in their media (if they have any), and what for? It all amounts to senseless dribble in the end. These people aren’t funding mass murderers or forcing people to work in sweatshops to make overpriced merchandise, so what’s the big freaking deal? If what they made was so great and popular before the world knew their “dirty little secret” then what makes it so wrong after?

My point is, things are getting out of hand with this. Let the people hold their opinions and live their own lives, without your obnoxious whining every time they say or do something that could be construed as an opposition to your cause. And this goes for all minority groups. You exist, okay. We respect your existence and kindly ask you to shut up about your imaginary problems so that we can focus on more important things like serial killers and the near complete incompetence of the government. I shall say this again, get over yourselves already and let the rest of us move on with our lives.

A Creature of Habit

As humans, we all have our little habits that help us get through the day or prepare us for an upcoming event. Some people make it a habit to do yoga or some form of meditation in the morning, others like to go through a whole ritual of putting on their make-up every day. Many people have a habit of doing certain actions a certain way as a means of telling their body that it’s time to wind-down for bed.

Some habits are less of a purpose and more a matter of comfort. I, for example, have a habit of making nearly the same ramen for lunch almost everyday I’m at home. There’s no particular reason behind it other than it’s simple to make, creates a minimal amount of dishes for me to clean up later, and, most importantly, it’s very tasty. I also have a habit of wearing my slippers and housecoat all over the house, even when it’s not cold; I almost feel naked without it.

Of course, there are also bad habits which most of us possess in some form or another. Staying up late most nights, sleeping in until noon, overeating, doing drugs or alcohol to escape pain. Chronic laziness is a terrible habit that I myself have exhibited on numerous occasions.

So what is the point of all this habit talk? No point. One of my favourite personal habits is my tendency to ramble on about nothing in particular just for the sake of talking. I’m human, it’s what I do.

To Insult a Man . . .

Have you ever noticed that Yo’ Mama jokes are everywhere? Heck, they even have an app for it . . . several apps. It’s terrible! To be fair, I’ll say this now, a lot of them are rather creative, and do raise a chuckle from me from time to time. I’m not proud of this, and quickly feel saddened by both the joke and myself.

The Yo’ Mama joke has become a rather odd piece of humour. While at it’s heart it is meant for insult, I’ve heard boys use it as simple bonding, and even as a contest. The end game is, who can make the funniest joke about how the other’s mother is fat or ugly or such a whore.

I find this to be yet another example of a horrible disease I call the “mis-directed insult”. The point of a Yo’ Mama joke is to get a rise out of someone else (usually a boy) by making them feel insulted through an insult actually aimed at that person’s mother, and it’s not the only kind of mis-directed insult out there.

If you take a look at all the common and default insults people have for women you will undoubtedly find that they are all, without fail, directed solely at said woman (unless, of course, it is an insult directed towards all woman-kind, but my point still stands). If you take a look at all the common, default insults for men (and I just mean the insults specifically tailored for men, not the gender neutral insults), they are really all aimed at those men’s mothers, with little to no direct insult towards the man in question.

Call a man an SOB, that means his mother is a whore. Call him a bastard, again his mother’s a slut. It would seem that those who come up with, and use, such insults are hellbent on turning all mothers, and possibly all women, into unfaithful, idiotic, and even demonic beings unworthy of the respect that they really should be getting.

What I want to know is “why?” Why do people feel the need to indirectly insult a man by insulting his mother? Why does society let this slide? Why do such immature and, quite frankly, stupid tactics actually succeed in getting a rise out of those who would use the same terms in a heartbeat? I cannot say that I know because a) I’m not male, and b) I respect mothers for the fact that they have taken on one of the most demanding and time-consuming jobs on the planet and still find it in themselves to wake up in the morning.

Now I will admit that there are mothers out there who are less than stellar, to say the least, and a good deal of them should not even be mothers in the first place, just watch any reality show that follows a family’s day-to-day life and you’ll find one. However there are also great mothers who wake up early every morning to make breakfast for their children and pack a healthy, delicious lunch for them to bring to school, and they deserve every ounce of respect and admiration you have in you, and even more. Those women are superheroes without capes.

My own mother raised my brother and I all on her own after our father walked out on us, and even before that if you were to be really honest. She taught us how to walk, how to read, how to swim. She took us places, tucked us in at night, and told me when my clothes were too small and needed to be replaced or when I put together an outfit that did not look good in the slightest. She even made our clothes herself for a time, and clothes for my dolls too! If anyone ever dared to imply that my mother was anything less than amazing, I would put their lights out, plain and simple.

The point of this rather long post is a simple one, we need to stop insulting people by insulting their mothers. The mother has nothing to do with your argument so leave her out of it, plain and simple.

Greetings Once Again

Wow! It’s been a while. This is, of course, all my own fault. One part laziness and two parts not having inspiration on hand.

So why am I writing now, when I clearly still don’t have much of anything to write about? No particular reason. Mostly the realization that I haven’t written a thing in weeks and the desire to keep this blog alive.

I suppose I could give an update on my writing progress.

Guardian Angel Part 2 is still very much a work in progress. I have ideas for it, but nothing for the moment. If you have read Part 1 and have any ideas for something to fill the time between my ideas, please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

I have 2 novels in progress, neither of which have had any progress made on them recently. I have since realized that I will need to decide on a plot before I can write any further. One of them I now have a general idea for a plot, and I plan to make it into a series. The other still needs a direction because, as it is, it is just your basic slice of life in school story, except in the future, and with characters that aren’t quite human.

In regards to my poetry, don’t expect much. Since I got into novel writing, my poetry output has suffered greatly and shows no sign of recovery. I will still post a piece from time to time, but nothing on any sort of a regular basis.

I don’t have any short stories in progress currently, nothing I would post here at least.

I will try my best to get back into a regular posting schedule for my journaling section. My goal is to write a post here every day, or at the very least on days I don’t post other stuff. I will FORCE myself to write something if I have to. If anyone has a suggestion for something I should write about in my journal, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

I wish you all well and blessings in all you strive to do. Now without further prose, I bid thee adieu.