A Creature of Habit

As humans, we all have our little habits that help us get through the day or prepare us for an upcoming event. Some people make it a habit to do yoga or some form of meditation in the morning, others like to go through a whole ritual of putting on their make-up every day. Many people have a habit of doing certain actions a certain way as a means of telling their body that it’s time to wind-down for bed.

Some habits are less of a purpose and more a matter of comfort. I, for example, have a habit of making nearly the same ramen for lunch almost everyday I’m at home. There’s no particular reason behind it other than it’s simple to make, creates a minimal amount of dishes for me to clean up later, and, most importantly, it’s very tasty. I also have a habit of wearing my slippers and housecoat all over the house, even when it’s not cold; I almost feel naked without it.

Of course, there are also bad habits which most of us possess in some form or another. Staying up late most nights, sleeping in until noon, overeating, doing drugs or alcohol to escape pain. Chronic laziness is a terrible habit that I myself have exhibited on numerous occasions.

So what is the point of all this habit talk? No point. One of my favourite personal habits is my tendency to ramble on about nothing in particular just for the sake of talking. I’m human, it’s what I do.


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