Why The Eagles have a point

Have you noticed how the LGBT-community and their supporters are getting more and more accepted these days? Have you noticed that anyone who voices an opinion that goes against any of said community’s causes promptly receives much flak for their opinions and beliefs? Especially if those people already have a hand in what is already familiar to us? I’ve noticed, and I’m not happy.

I know I’m probably opening myself to quite a bit of flak just by posting this, but it needs to be said. All those of you who go around complaining about how horrible these people with different beliefs from your own need to go out, possibly soak your heads, and get a reality check! People have, and will have, opinions that are different from yours. GET OVER IT!

You can’t say someone deserves to die, or whatever you say about them, just because they don’t approve of what you do or believe. We do not live in either Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, we can have our own opinions and not get executed for it. I myself have nothing against any member of the LGBT-community (or if I do, it’s certainly not because they are part of it), but that does not mean that I approve of what they do. You want to know what I think? I think it’s wrong.

I know I’m, once again, opening myself up to hate comments for what I’m about to say. God (yes, I AM a Christian and I AM bringing my faith into this) said himself in the Bible that he does not approve of homosexuality. He didn’t say he hates the people of the LGBT-community, he hates what they do. It’s the same for most so-called “homophobes”.

Whenever the general public finds out that some big-shot person who owns a company or has written popular books, for example, is “anti-gay” the entire north-western hemisphere seems to explode with outrage. People go into massive debates about the purchasing of their products or subliminal messaging in their media (if they have any), and what for? It all amounts to senseless dribble in the end. These people aren’t funding mass murderers or forcing people to work in sweatshops to make overpriced merchandise, so what’s the big freaking deal? If what they made was so great and popular before the world knew their “dirty little secret” then what makes it so wrong after?

My point is, things are getting out of hand with this. Let the people hold their opinions and live their own lives, without your obnoxious whining every time they say or do something that could be construed as an opposition to your cause. And this goes for all minority groups. You exist, okay. We respect your existence and kindly ask you to shut up about your imaginary problems so that we can focus on more important things like serial killers and the near complete incompetence of the government. I shall say this again, get over yourselves already and let the rest of us move on with our lives.


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