I Must be a Terrible Person

Okay, okay, okay! I know I haven’t kept my promise of writing everyday, and I have no legitimate excuses for why. You can feel free to yell at me in the comments or virtually slap me, I know I deserve it. Seeing as how I’m having difficulty keeping with the everyday schedule, I shall instead change my posting to once per week at a minimum, and if I write more than that, I can feel accomplished.

In other news, my friend, I’m going to call her Black Goth, got engaged a few days ago. All congratulations and best wishes to her.

I’m also collaborating with another friend, I’ll call her Ani-otaku, on a story based on an RP we’re doing with some other friends. I’ll talk with her about if I can post some of it up here. If I do end up posting it, you can all have fun trying to guess which character is mine.

That’s all for now,

TTFN, SA out!


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