I Clearly have No Willpower

Hello, river sprites! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be editing Guardian Angel Part 1 in the next couple days. There will be a quite few changes, so I encourage you to give it a read when I get that done.
I seem to be having some divine inspiration regarding this story of late, so hopefully I can post a part 2 in the near future as well.

In regards to my weekly goals . . . I have failed all of them. You may now commence your booing and hissing and general disappointment in me. I shall continue on with these goals for the next week, and hopefully I can fulfil those goals.

As a side note, after recounting the number of places I had applied to last week, I actually exceeded my 20 resume goal, just in case any of you were curious about that. And if any of you were wondering, no, I have not received any responses to my resumes yet. I remain hopeful.

I plan to go put out more resumes tomorrow. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find something cool to snap a pic of for you guys. Afterwords, I’ll probably lie down and spend all day reading like I did on Saturday (which felt so awesome).

Just so this post doesn’t look so bland like my last bunch of posts have, here’s a picture of my darling kitten Gabrielle being adorable.

Gabrielle talking a snooze and looking adorable, as usual.

My baby girl  having a snooze. So cute!


I Don’t Think I’m a COMPLETELY Horrible Person

Hey, all! It’s Siren once again (or Willow, if you prefer).

So this week I actually managed to keep my room clean! (Cue thunderous applause.) Aside from one or two random articles of clothing on my floor, I can actually see the entire floor and don’t have to step on — or over — any garments in order to reach my bed. I have, however, failed in my goal to put out 20 resumes. That being said, I’m pretty sure I came just short of 20, online applications included.

This week’s plan is to continue to keep my room clean, hang out with friends at least once, and to not go on the computer until after lunch (unless absolutely necessary) and stay on no later than 11pm. I will also make it a goal not to stay up past midnight and to wake up by 8:30. This is going to be a tough week, so your support is much appreciated.


Update time!

I’ve started reading a novel, and it’s pretty thick, by some people’s standards (not my standards). It’s called Shadow of Night and it’s written by Deborah Harkness as a sequel to her book A Discovery of Witches. Great books that you should really check out if you love reading and modern-day fantasy elements. It’s written in First-Person narrative, which is a personal favourite of mine to write in. I always like how this narrative really lets you get into the mind and emotions of the main character, although I do have a tendency to want to jump to other characters’ consciousnesses for the sake of filling in missing spaces (i.e. when my main is unconscious or generally not around to experience important things that happen) or letting the reader/myself know the reasoning and thought processes of another character.

NaNoWriMo isn’t working out for me, it seems. I think I’ve just got too many distractions to focus on it; between my editing course (which I just finished the final assignment for, yay!) and this church thing I have to do homework for every week, not to mention my ridiculous amount of time spent goofing off on the computer, I just have neither the time nor the necessary inspiration to finish the novel by the end of the month. I guess Druid Life was right in saying that writing a proper novel is truly impossible to do in one month. I had even cheated a little by using a novel I was already working on and I’m still not even at the halfway point for the word count alone, let alone the story itself! Not sure If I’ll sign up again next year or not, but I’d need a whole new story to write for that, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

I know none of you know this yet (or maybe I told you guys before and forgot, I don’t really know) but I play Magic The Gathering. I’m not necessarily a Magic PLAYER, but I do play from time to time (I might be a player if I knew anybody who lived close enough to me to play with on a regular basis). ¬†Now for those of you who actually know what Magic is, good for you, you just might be awesome (unless you’re one of those people who thinks it’s a nerdy game for geeks and nerds and anyone who plays is a nerd/geek in which case you are very wrong and probably need to go soak your head for a few hours) Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately that I need to get some booster packs for my decks because I’ve still only got the cards from my starter kit, which are nowhere near as good as the ones in my friends’ decks (and before you ask, no, I don’t play with them on a regular basis because they are still in school and live half an hour away from me and I’m the only one with a valid license). I tried going to get some booster packs for my black/red vampire deck, only to find out the vampires were only from the Innistrad series and that series was never reprinted so buying a whole booster pack would be freakishly expensive and a total pain. Instead, I had to poke through a random assortment of cheap single cards, a good number of which were printed in some Asian language (I want to say Japanese, but I really can’t tell the difference between any of the scripts). I did manage to find two vampiric gems to add to my deck for 99 cents each, as well as a “gold” enchantment card to slip into my green/white deck. I would have liked to stay longer and keep looking for more cards, but I was supposed to be handing out resumes and my mom needed the car later, so I had to go. I also felt just the slightest bit awkward in being the only female non-employee and being all alone. I did manage to pick up two deck boxes before I left, however; items I did really need since picking out individual decks from amongst my other cards from the big box my entire starter kit came in was getting old.

Wow, that last paragraph was long! Well, it’s just past 11 now, so I gotta go. Talk later, and with any luck I might have a bit of original literature to share with you soon. TTFN, SA out!

Reasons I may need a Kick in the Butt

Those of you who care about my little journal ramblings may or may not be disappointed to hear that I have hereby failed my weekly goal. Although I DID clean my room — on Friday — I have since failed to KEEP it clean. As such, my goal for this week shall remain the same as last weeks.
In addition to this primary goal, I am adding a second goal which shall be as thus. I am going to apply to a minimum of 20 places for jobs. I can already feel the dread of this one as I have a job-hunting excursion scheduled for tomorrow before work. So much fun. NOT.
Should I happen to fail in either one of these goals come next week, please feel free to boo and hiss at me in the comments.

In other, unrelated news, I am on the final assignment for my course. Once I have that completed, I can look forward to the pain of waiting to see how good or bad I did on it while I figure out how to pay for the next few courses I plan on taking.
You may also be saddened to hear that I have not made much progress on my NaNoWriMo novel. I would love to say that life is just getting in the way, but that would only be half true. The real obstacle to my writing at present is the fact that I have been spending far too much time goofing off on the computer coming up with character concepts and watching youtube videos and nowhere near enough time on the things I should be focussing on. Once again, the comments are open to your complaints.

On the whole, I feel generally upset and ashamed with myself, especially since I’m not even doing all that much on this blog anymore. I’ve thought of using my youtube account to do vlogs and stuff, but that would probably just be another project that gets pushed to the side and forgotten far too often as I allow myself to become distracted by both my laptop and real life. I don’t really even do that much right now that’s worthy of me having a vlog in the first place.

Well, it’s kinda late now — midnight to be precise — so I should probably go get some sleep so I can try and wake up at a semi-reasonable time tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me again within this week, expect a goal update on Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then, TTFN.

SA out!

My Life: A Brief Update

My mother has me doing aqua aerobics with her twice a week now. I don’t mind the exercise — Lord knows I need it — but it bugs me how I have trouble keeping up with her. I know it’s because I’m not conditioned to it like she is, but I still find myself getting frustrated over it. Also it makes my arms and legs hurt, but I think it bugs my mom how I don’t feel anything in my core when I’m supposed to. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I couldn’t say what.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. I am finally going to make myself finish one of those stories I’ve been puttering around with for ages but never going anywhere with. Now that I have a plot and some motivation, I just might finally get that thing done. All I can do is hope that it’s good and not sounding immature like most of the young adult fiction floating around these days. I want my book to be one of those rare gems in the genre/age-group that actually warrants people’s admiration and/or praise.

I shall now set personal goals for myself every week. This week’s goal: clean my room and keep it clean. You can all feel free to boo me in the comments if I report failure next week.

I’m not sure how many people actually read my ramblings, but to those of you who do, I love you guys!

TTFN, SA out!

Why I Think my Cats are Stalking Me

I have 2 cats. One of them is a big fuzzy pillow who likes to leave dead things on the porch every now and then. The other is a half-sized female version of the first, only extra fluffy and with a strange attraction to shoes.

Gabrielle is a real sweetheart, sometimes. She climbs on me randomly and starts purring. That’s cute right? Not so much when she’s simultaneously kneading my stomach and drooling a small lake onto whatever I’m wearing at the time. She also likes to hide herself amongst the shoes by the front door and devour my hand whenever I try to rub her belly.

Gideon is a purr machine. He totally ignores me around bedtime, but any other time of the day he’ll climb onto my lap and proceed with his attempts to distract me from whatever I am doing at the time by purring and blocking my screen/taking over my lap. He also follows me around the house, when he’s not playing dead on some soft surface, and meows loudly whenever his food dish is empty. One very strange thing he likes to do is follow me outside when I’m walking the dogs and meow at me constantly.

I swear, I love those two, but I really don’t know what to do with them sometimes. I really have to wonder, though, are they plotting against me?