Merry Christmas!

So, not much to report this week. It snowed a couple days ago, but sadly it didn’t last long enough to make it for the big day. I was rather disappointed, but there are worse things. I also got to see my aunt and uncle who rarely visit, which was nice. I really like them, but they always say they’re busy and hardly ever call so I haven’t seen much of them except for maybe around Christmas time.
Anyway, I was rather bored, so I decided to put up a quick post before the day’s up.
Merry Christmas, everyone. God bless you all, and remember not to drive after filling up on turkey and eggnog.


A Busy Week

Celebrated my cousin’s birthday yesterday. We went to an indoor fun park. I had a really good time, but I accidentally hit my head against one of those support bars. I’m alright, of course, I wouldn’t be writing if I wasn’t, but it does feel weird. I’m wondering if I’ll wake up with a headache tomorrow, considering I literally ran into the bar.

In the mall they’ve set up a platform for live performances. There was a small school choir performing when I was there. They were quite good, I only wish I could have stayed a bit longer to listen, but I had Christmas shopping to do and some very heavy bags.

Kwantlen Park Secondary School Choir

Kwantlen Park Secondary School Choir

On Sunday I went to see The Hobbit (and Legolas in all his awesome hotness) with my family. Before the show we played on one of the air hockey tables. I played against my mom and step-dad and won both times. I was almost as excited as the day I finally beat my step-dad at chess. The movie was really good, though the ending is slightly infuriating. Really, they could have just made it two movies and stuck all that stuff they’d added from the appendices into the extended edition or something.

I had a job interview. I’m hoping I get it because the mall is way closer and easier to get to by bus than one of my other jobs, and I wouldn’t mind quitting that job. I’ve got chores to do in the morning, and I’m planning to go see Hobbit again, this time with my friends. I also might bake some cookies, because we are running low on one kind, though that will require a trip to the grocery store for more peppermints.

TTFN, SA out!

Making ready for Christmas

Who else is excited for Christmas? I know I am! We’ve got our tree now, I’ve already started Christmas baking, and today we’ve finally gotten most of the house decorated. To make things feel even more festive, it even snowed the other day (though it’s all melted now).

Yesterday I tried making these German  marzipan cookies called bethmännchen.

They’re supposed to look like this (right) 250px-Bethmaennchen1but instead they looked like this (below). I’m not totally sure what it is I did wrong, but at least they still taste good.




In the busting out of the Christmas decor, my mom also pulled out something she got a few


years ago, but none of us have ever been able to get to work. I can’t remember what it’s called, but the idea is that when the fins are at a certain angle, lighting the candles is supposed to make it spin. It has never spun for us. If anyone knows how to make this thing work, please let me know because we’ve tried everything.

I got a new story idea the other day. I probably won’t end up posting it here, but this means that I have yet another unfinished story to work on.

That’s all for now. I have to get to baking again, maybe I’ll put up some pics for you all later when that’s all said and done. Anyway, TTFN, SA out!

Trampolines and Theatres

Hey, nymphs, guess what!

I woke up this morning to find the kitchen and living room floors strewn with feathers. I later discovered a decapitated bird carcass lying amongst the clothes on my bedroom floor; it’s plumage was rather dark, much like my own typical winter garb, making it hard to spot at first. My cats were clearly the culprits, though I suspect Gabrielle in particular as she has been known to eat the heads of her kills, unlike Gideon who seems to prefer leaving the heads on the porch a good amount of the time.

I got a new job at the new Extreme Air Park in my neighbourhood. I’m pretty excited about it, but at the same time really nervous because of all the responsibilities I’ll have to remember and the fact that it’s about a half hour to get there by car, triple that if I take the bus. I also got a call from Colossus theatre for an interview, but that was after I had already been hired at Extreme Air Park so I turned them down. I got a royal chewing out from my mom because “I should be trying to get the best wages possible” and stuff like that. I’m not sure why she’s complaining because the wages would have been the same and the two places are literally minutes away so there would have been no difference in commute time unless I replaced my kiosk job with the Colossus one, and I wouldn’t do that because (a) I love that job and (b) then I would be in training for two jobs instead of one and have no job nearby. Anyway, I still have to put in an application for Princess Auto because they apparently have benefits, but I would just feel weird if they hired me and I just went and had to quit a job I’d literally JUST started.

I’m up crazy late again – no rest for the wicked – even though I need to get up at 7 tomorrow so I can hitch a ride with my brother to school and get picked up from there to help Black Goth out with getting her house into a semi-decent condition. It’s an old thing her fiancé’s uncle had handed off to said fiancé and that the two of them are now planning to move in to once they’ve tied the knot. I’ve only caught glimpses of the outside in the past, but it looks nice enough, and Black Goth says they’re planning on keeping chickens and a cow and stuff (I may or may not be imagining the cow). I’m looking forward to helping them out, though a bit worried due to the fact that it’s, like I said, an old house with tacky old wallpaper and reportedly terrifying amounts of cobwebs occupying the upstairs area. Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like spiders? I REALLY don’t like spiders.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about the weekly goals. I failed once again (as evidenced by the posting time). I think I’ll have to try for something simpler. This week’s goal is to get the house decorated for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m so glad it’s December now because that means I can start singing along to the Christmas music without getting annoyed with myself. It also means the Christmas baking will be starting soon, and in a few days we will be obtaining our Christmas tree.


Well, that’s all for now. If anything exciting happens or I actually manage to produce a piece of literature within the next week, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

TTFN, SA out!