A Busy Week

Celebrated my cousin’s birthday yesterday. We went to an indoor fun park. I had a really good time, but I accidentally hit my head against one of those support bars. I’m alright, of course, I wouldn’t be writing if I wasn’t, but it does feel weird. I’m wondering if I’ll wake up with a headache tomorrow, considering I literally ran into the bar.

In the mall they’ve set up a platform for live performances. There was a small school choir performing when I was there. They were quite good, I only wish I could have stayed a bit longer to listen, but I had Christmas shopping to do and some very heavy bags.

Kwantlen Park Secondary School Choir

Kwantlen Park Secondary School Choir

On Sunday I went to see The Hobbit (and Legolas in all his awesome hotness) with my family. Before the show we played on one of the air hockey tables. I played against my mom and step-dad and won both times. I was almost as excited as the day I finally beat my step-dad at chess. The movie was really good, though the ending is slightly infuriating. Really, they could have just made it two movies and stuck all that stuff they’d added from the appendices into the extended edition or something.

I had a job interview. I’m hoping I get it because the mall is way closer and easier to get to by bus than one of my other jobs, and I wouldn’t mind quitting that job. I’ve got chores to do in the morning, and I’m planning to go see Hobbit again, this time with my friends. I also might bake some cookies, because we are running low on one kind, though that will require a trip to the grocery store for more peppermints.

TTFN, SA out!