Elegy for Innocence


I used to look upon the world
Like I’d never have a care
I would laugh and play and sing
Like no one else was there
My smile was wide
My laughs were gay
Oh, how I miss
Those days of play

I’m older now
Really, an adult
I grew up
Is that my fault?
My smile is wane
My sights are jaded
How could it be?
That child has faded

I don’t want
To lose those days
When I would smile
My fears away
When anything was fun
When nature ruled
Should I really
Have stayed in school?

I know so much
But not enough
I never really knew
But growing up’s tough
I learn to work
And forget to care
About the things
That once were there

I cannot say what happened
Between then and now
My one and only wish is that
I can get back there somehow.


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