No, I’m not Dead Yet.

Whew! Okay, it’s been a REALLY long time since I last posted anything. I don’t really know what happened, but after New Years I just kinda stopped blogging for a while.

Time for news! I am currently in a writing/editing course online. Not sure when I’ll be done with that, but I’ll do my best to get a posting rhythm going again.
Also, the local mall just got a David’s Tea set up in it, so I’ve been going there regularly to partake of the vast array of the delightful beverage. I would be more than happy to post little mini review blogs about the different teas I try if any of you would be interested.
As far as the writing goes, I’ve started a new story, but I haven’t made any progress on my other ones as of late. I will be working on them, and will hopefully have the next instalment of Guardian Angel done and posted by the end of the month.

I went to Fan Expo Vancouver and the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival recently. I have pictures from the first one, though none from the second. I’ll probably post my pictures from Fan Expo within the next few days. There were some pretty awesome cosplayers. I will also be attending Anime Revolution this August. Perhaps, with any luck, I’ll finally be able to try on a lolita dress like I’ve always wanted.

Oh, and I now have an instagram account. You can follow @sirenalunai if you like random pictures of random things like tea, bento lunches, flowers, and the weather. Possibly other things too.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I shall leave you for today with a picture of a squirrel I found in my yard.

In spite of my mother's dogs constantly barking and chasing after them, these guys keep coming back for the bird feed.

In spite of my mother’s dogs constantly barking and chasing after them, these guys keep coming back for the bird feed.



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