Elf Wander

I can hear winds calling me

A thousand worlds to roam

Many lives I need to see

Find the place I can call home


Winter gives a cruel laugh

The cold doth make me slow

Piles of powder block my path

Wolves’ cries fill me with woe


Summer sun shines on my path

Through mountain, river, wood

Have I thought of going back?

I wouldn’t if I could


I sailed across the many seas

Through calm and harshest storm

I never knew such gentle breeze

Could such great waves form


Into dragon’s den I myself steal

Quiet as a mouse

Many treasures I can feel

Beneath my fingers in this house


Beneath the earth I roam through dark

Winding tunnels like a maze

Hidden from sun, this monsters’ arc

Refutes all lightening rays


To this mountain peak I climb

Now stand above the world

I still have so much time

Before me a path unfurls


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