Three Fictional Settings I Wish I Was Part Of

I love love LOVE fantasy. Reading fantasy, writing fantasy, watching fantasy, and dreaming fantasy. Everything about it is just so inherently magical and wondrous. Is it really any wonder I’d like to be a part of those worlds?


  1. Faerûn: I freely admit, I have fallen in love with Drizzt Do’Urden. He is simply amazing in all his aspects, so much so that I will admit to even writing fan fiction where I have a character in his travelling party. Shameless, I know. Hot elves aside, the world of the Forgotten Realms is a beautiful one, according to the descriptions of R.A. Salvatore. I really would like to visit this place, even if I couldn’t meet Drizzt. And really, let’s face it, I am a die-hard Dungeons and Dragons player.
  2. The Darkest Powers universe: Kelly Armstrong is a fantastic writer, to the point that I literally had to rip myself away from the books in this series in order to go through class. I actually finished each of the books in a single day, but that’s beside the point. In a modern world almost identical to our own, this would probably be the one where I would be least likely to die in the span of ten minutes. Necromancers, witches, wizards, demons, werewolves, and more all abound in this universe, and the normal humans are none the wiser.
  3. The world of Vampire Knight: This manga by Matsuri Hino is beyond addicting for me. It was actually my first manga, and I have been in love with it from the beginning. Those who know me are aware of my love for (almost) all things vampire, and I will freely admit that it was the vampires that first attracted me into buying this series. I’m not quite sure why, but I really want to live in a world where vampires exist and aren’t all savage beasts out for your blood and/or virginity. Although, gorgeous vampire high school students and the ever angsty Zero Kiryu might have something to do with it.


All three of these series and their characters belong to their respective aforementioned authors. I would definitely recommend any of these books to whomever might be interested in their subject matter.


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