Time and Innocence

The snow hath fallen upon the hill
Where once I would stand in awe
And this hour I gaze upon it’s height
To wonder how far I did fall

For fallen I am and ever shall be
At least, that is what I’ve been told
But I find myself climbing once again
For innocence not lost, though old

Lady Spring hath past long ago
And Summer, she followed soon after
Autumn is dead, that’s all to be said
Still, I so miss all their laughter

Time is cruel and willful a wench
Teasing all men while favouring few
Whenever you need her there is never enough
She has stolen my childhood too

Days wane fast, no time to wait
For it ends always far too soon
Nights grow long, without end
If sleep does not find you

And what cruel reality does time fly
To us all at once, it comes
The myths we believed once were true
Mere lullabies nursemaids would hum

How fast things change, years fly by
Yet a day lasts far too long
Taller, older, wiser, bolder
In truth husks lacking song

Where to hath my youth now fled?
In what pasture doth it lay?
I seek that innocence once I had
Ere ending of my days


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