Songs of Life

Sing me songs when storms grow long
Tell me fairytales through the night
A lullaby to warm Winter’s cold
And hymns to give the monster’s fright

Show me a world full of life
Where the sky still shines with stars
And magic flows through our veins
Where you are never far

Your stories are my lifeblood
Their magic warms my cot
My heart beats with your cadence
Your breath measures my thoughts

I’d rather your tales of lands unknown
Wonder, adventure, and awe
Than to just lay here in my prison
Trapped by this body’s flaw

I fear the dark and I fear Death
And his cold embrace, I cannot lie
Fills me with dread. But if are here
I’ll be at peace, ere I give my final sigh

I do prithee not to stop
All thy lyrics on this night
For my heart is one with those dear songs
They aide me in my plight

Keep me in that wonderland
Where pigs can fly and fishes talk
Dragons roam and fairies grow
And I can learn to walk

My dearest brother, closest friend
I thank thee for thy time
But old man Death now calls to me
To bring me to God’s side


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