“Don’t leave me,” she begged.
The man did not listen to her pleas and continued to walk.
“Please,” she went on, “don’t leave me here alone to die!”
The man paused a moment, just long enough to light a ciggarette. He tilted his head to glance back at her. “You dug your own grave, baby, now lie in it.”
As the man’s footsteps faded away, shadows began closing in around the girl’s pathetic shaking form.
“No. Go away,” she whispered.
The shadows did not heed. From one there was a brief flash of light off a knife. Another, the muffled smack of a bat against a hand. From yet another still resounded the harsh echo of a pipe scraping the concrete.
“Any last words, traitor?” One of the shadows asked as they all converged over her body.
The girl looked up at the shadows and spat at them. “D*mn you all to Hell.”
Blood ran down the alley along the streams of rainwater to be washed away down the drain.


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