Cars and Kittens

I finally bought my first car about two weeks ago! It’s an adorable little blue Yaris from 2008. Would you believe the thing only had a little over 63,000 km on it?

I love it so much! I’m calling it my little blue bumblebee. Don’t ask me why, but I always seem to associate that particular shade of blue with bumblebees, plus the car has a rounded plump little body, so it works for me.
One of the best things about this car (of which it has many great features, not the least of which that it is a million times superior to my brother’s unpainted Rustang) is the fuel economy. Two weeks and I still haven’t had to fill the tank! When you consider the deal I got on it too, I really doubt I could have found a better car for myself.
Now I won’t have to ask my mother for her car ever again!

In other news, the animal protection society in my area is going to be hosting a kitten round up soon on account of several litters of kittens being found abandoned in various locations. I now wonder if it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go volunteer at the shelter and help make those kittens adoptable, since I love playing with cats.
I would consider fostering some, but my step-dad already put his foot down a long time ago about no more pets. I guess for a man who hunts, two dogs and two cats is more than enough in one house.

I feel like another period of writer’s block is descending upon me. Or perhaps it’s just discouragement since my daily views have dropped back to the single digits. Either way, I’m starting to have a tough time thinking of things to post everyday.
Well, I don’t work tomorrow, so maybe I’ll go up to the Fort with my mom or a friend and glean some inspiration from the beautiful architecture and rich history of the place. Or maybe I’ll just pig out on baby cakes, who knows. I should really get on the city website sometime and see what’s happening on my days off.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks. As the great Tigger always said, “TTFN, tata for now!”


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