Antisocial Nightmare

I am afraid
All is nothing
Why should I even bother?
That’s how I think sometimes
At the end of a long day
When I can’t get to sleep
No matter how tired I am
Or when my friends all flake out on me
Either they don’t have time
Or they never show
What’s the point of it all?
Why can’t I just stay alone forever?
Just sit inside
Interact with people over the internet
Where nothing is real
If you don’t want it to be
Because we can’t convey tone
In a few lines of text
And smiley faces make it all surreal
But we can’t
Because we’ll lose that vital part of ourselves
That makes us who we are
Gives us our muse
And makes us feel like there is a reason to live
We have to go out there
Find people like us
Talk to them
Spend time with them
Learn from them the things that we can’t teach ourselves
Because we are social creatures
We feed off the energy of others
For to be forever alone is to be nothing
A husk with no sense of self
Or originality
Or reason
And that’s what frightens me
The part that makes me so sad
For when we lose reason
We lose it all
And when there’s nothing left
We lose our souls
That’s my nightmare


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