My Guardian Owl (not from Ga’hoole)

There’s an owl that lives in one of the trees just outside my house. Because I usually leave my bedroom window open, in an attempt to not overheat while staying up later than I probably should, I sometimes hear it in the middle of the night.
Though I have never seen this owl, though I would absolutely love to if given the opportunity, I get the feeling of being watched over by it. This is probably because my room is situated so that the window faces the side of the house that the owl’s tree is on, thus allowing me to hear it while no one else can.
Regardless of why, I feel comforted by its hooting, like it’s telling me that it’s there making sure that I’m safe, or maybe just telling me that I should stop goofing around online and get to bed already. Either way, I like to think that owl’s a sort of guardian angel God sent just for me. Who knows, maybe it is.


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