Discovering my personality.

I’ve recently heard about the Meyers Briggs personality test (or rather re-heard, considering they made me do this test in school). I was watching this video on youtube by Extra Credits when that got me thinking that I could probably use this to help me flesh out the characters in my stories, particularly one story which I have been working on since I was 16. So, as a fun little way to further keep me awake far longer than is advisable when I have work the next day, I decided to look up the test and take it for some of my characters.

Before testing my characters, however, I of course had to take it for myself. For one can only truly understand a character she has created after first understanding herself, right? Well, I don’t know for sure about that, but I figured it was a good idea and it couldn’t hurt anything if I did it anyway.

My first run through of the test got me the result ISFP, Introverted Sensory Feeling Perceiving. I don’t think I answered all the questions accurately, though, because in reading the description I found that that personality doesn’t fully describe me. I’ve found that the INFP personality type — Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving — better describes myself, and found that to be the case upon taking a slightly different, more flexible test.

I’m not going to spend time explaining all about my personality to you guys and try to force you to read all that non-fictional text. The website I used to get all the information and take the test can be found here. I recommend you check it out as well if you want to flesh out a character or even just get to know yourself a bit more. Let me know what you learned in the comments; I’d love to hear back from you.


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