Welcome to my Insanity

My mind is a chaos galaxy
The stretch is long
And filled of songs
And the sense is spread far too thin

My rhythm is strange
Off beat but in tune
And don’t ask me for rhymes
Their structure is lost

The wilds of my brain house many beasts
Rare and wondrous and more than a bit strange
But they’re natures lost in my distractions
Not sure if they’re hostile or tame

Mathematics are a hopeless endeavour
Full of fool’s physics and concave equations
Logic of course is at a whim
Spiders flee from the weight of their webs

To find the door out you must go further in
But none can withstand the maze
Many men lost their minds in my foggy haze
Lost by the rabbit trail thoughts and insane ponderations

Stars find a light to make in this place
But like in a black hole they cannot escape
Rather staying in this comfort of mine
Keeping me forever awake

Brave soul, welcome to my insanity
I wish you the best of luck as you try to leave


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