My song is tears of bitter rain
My breaths are winter winds
My eyes are pitch as blackest night
My soul can suck yours in

I feed on living creatures
Their deaths become my strength
Through death I was created
In death I shall remain

What is this existence?
What purpose do we serve?
Can we not subdue this hunger?
Can we not be what we were?

But what do those things matter?
This bloodlust rages on
My brethren, with me, together
Let the maelstrom carry on!


Love in Winter

I want to see your smile

Just for me

Smell your warmth

The clouds rolled in

Since you’ve been gone

I have not seen the sky’s blue

Bring back my sunshine

Hold me tight

Remind my why your

Days are so long

Worst Job Experience Ever

Hey, all. I know I haven’t posted anything for a while. Again. I have a good reason, I promise. About a week ago I found a guy who’s willing to give me proper critique on one of the stories I’ve been working on, and most of my evening (and middle of the night) free time has been spent on that little project.

Anyway, back to what you probably clicked here for. Since I haven’t written anything in a while, I was racking my brains earlier today for something to write as a journal entry. I was at work, internally griping about the behaviour of some customers, when it hit me. I’m pretty sure I haven’t gone into depth here about any of my part-time jobs, so why not talk about that? In fact, while I’m at it, I’ll talk about the worst one I’ve ever had. Continue reading