And this is why I should probably stop staying up so late

I want out.

Take me out.

Pull me out of this living nightmare where my most disturbing dreams become cathartic in the face of reality.

Take me away to a world where I know where to go and how I belong.

Take me to that place like my dreams where I can become anything or anyone and it all makes sense.

Show me a world where I won’t have to grow old and jaded.

Bring me to that place where humans are not so cruel and Legend is reality.

Make time stop and destroy the clocks.

Do not force me to live according to the flimsy whims of the minutes.

Let me run wild.

Let me escape the pain and the turmoil of life and my anarchical mind.

Fly me to my happy place and let me lay in peace.

I wish to spend the days how I wish, free from obligations and worries.

Give me the means to Heaven.

Set my ragged soul free.


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