An Open Letter to my Future Husband

Dear husband,

I do not know now who you will be, I’m not even sure if I’ve met you yet. All I know is that, whoever you are, God has chosen you for me, and I trust that he has made a good choice.

I want you to know that I am far from being perfect. I get cranky sometimes, and lazy a lot of the time, and I tend to get obsessive over things for small periods. I can be terribly unmotivated most days and I love to sleep in, especially when my cats are “sharing” the pillows with me. I like to play my music extremely loud when I’m doing chores, I spend far too much time online, and if you talk to me while I’m reading, I’m likely to not even notice your presence.

I hope you can learn to accept those flaws of mine, as I want to learn to accept your flaws too, and we can work to make those flaws become less there. I want to be able to go to bed with you each night and say that I love you no matter what has happened that day. I want to hold you and cry when I feel sad or scared, and I want you to confide in me whatever worries you may have. I want to be with you always.

Please know that I am a broken person. I’ve been hurt in the past in some of the harshest ways by those who are supposed to love me most, and I have yet to make a full recovery. I am terrified of being rejected, and I often seclude myself saying that I like being alone. This is not true. I love to be around people and see them smile and have them talk and laugh with me.

I know I’m difficult sometimes. I act like a child more than I act my own age. I pray that you can love me in spite of all that. I want to be able to love you as well, and give you all the affection you need and deserve. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives.

God will bring us together someday, and when that day comes, I hope we can see that it was truly meant to be. I hope that we can also bring each other closer to Him. I want to live a life that glorifies Him with you.

Please be well, and wait for me. I will most definitely be waiting for you.

All my love,


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