Pieces of my Soul

I like to think of myself as something akin to a fairy. Rather, I think of the different facets of my personality to be fairies. That’s the way I like to picture it, in any case. They each have a name and represent certain traits I possess. I have even created pictures of them (with the help of the Dark Fairy Maker from Azalea’s Dolls) to illustrate how they represent me.

From left to right, meet Willow, Siren, Peasblossom, and Cobweb. I tried to put them in order of most to least dominant, but that can vary, especially between Willow and Siren.


Willow is my creative and more introverted side. She’s the main one behind this blog and the vast majority of my writing (sometimes with input from the others). She’s very shy and tends to space out a lot, but she really does care about others and hates conflict more than anything.

Siren represents my adventurous and mischievous side. She’s brave and curious, always ready to go out and explore new things. This fairy wants to go explore the world someday and is fascinated by other cultures. She also has a tendency to want to climb things.

Peasblossom would be my girly, childish, and playful side. When it comes to people, she’s even more bold than Siren, always being the first one to say hi and the most eager for a dance. She sings in public like she’s alone and fantasizes about boys a lot, both real and fictional. Above all else, she’s compassionate, and will do whatever she can to help a friend out of a bad mood.

Cobweb, as you’ve probably already guessed, is my darker and more anti-social self. She’s all the anger and negative moods I get sometimes, and the chief contributor of the Belladonna’s Journal series. She is the weakest of all my fairy-traits, however, so people don’t get to see her very often. There’s a chance she might also be my inner lazy person, but I’m not entirely sure.


Anyway, now you’ve met the personalities behind my work, and maybe got to understand me just a little bit better. Most of the time my moods and writing incorporate at lest two or more of my fairies into them, so I’m never quite predictable. That’s what makes it interesting, though.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being my river sprites. Let me know what you think of my fairies, and tell me what sort of fairies you have fluttering around in your own head. I’d love to hear your stories. I love you guys!



Note: Edited on April 16, 2015. I wasn’t entirely happy with how Siren looked, so I gave her red hair instead and altered the lineup.



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