Trip to the City Mall

I went to the mall with my brother a few days ago. Not my local mall, one out in the actual city. It’s huge. And they had a LUSH. Naturally, I can’t help but buy stuff. I also decided to bring a few books with me to the mall. And no backpack. What was I thinking? Basically, I ended up carrying some rather weighty bags as well as my coat (I picked up some tea there and got very warm).

All in all, we had a good time just wandering around and checking out random shops. I had intended to check out the T&T supermarket they had there, but then decided against it since I’m not planning on making anything special in the near future. And I was getting tired.

In my continued infinite wisdom, I also chose to go without my orthotics for the excursion. Imagine how my legs felt standing for 8 hours at work the next day. Can you say shin splints?

I would just like to go on record by saying that ginger and oolong tea together is one of the most amazing things ever. If you’re going to be in a David’s Tea in the near future, grab yourself a cup of “The Skinny”. It’s organic and delicious.

This is another post with no real point to it. I just felt like sharing. That’s all for now



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