Deer Visitors

I live in an area with lots of trees. Because of this, we often get deer coming through our yard. The other day we actually had three at once!

Of course, my step-dad, being a hunter, was lamenting how he wasn’t allowed to shoot them and how he wanted to make deer steaks for supper. I, on the other hand, was quite awed by the sight and went as close to them as I dared for a few pictures.

It’s funny, actually, I think the dogs thought the deer were other dogs encroaching on their territory or something because they wouldn’t shut up for a while. My cats, on the other hand, mostly ignored the deer other than the frizz on their tails indicating their displeasure. Then again, Gideon gets really nervous around horses too, so he probably just doesn’t like large quadrupeds.

IMG_2125 IMG_2124 IMG_0215I couldn’t get all three in a single shot very well (they weren’t being very cooperative), but you can sort of see all three of them in the top picture.



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