Hey, everyone! Remember the comic I told you about a few days ago? Well, now it’s up! Go check it out here on Tapastic, and check out the artist’s other stuff too. He’s really funny.

Comic Posted!


Big News!

Hello, my beloved sprites! I just wanted to let you all know that I have some really exciting news for you. Do any of you remember the “Great Villains’ Conference of Evil” post I made the other week? Well, I showed it to an artist on Tapastic (I think I’ve mentioned this site before) and he’s making it into a little comic for me. Isn’t this exciting?!

The comic will be posted on Tapastic on Friday. I’ll post a link on this blog so you guys can check it out when that happens. 

Anyway, that’s all for now. Take care of yourselves!


Song of the Bard’s Child

Sing the strings

And up we go

Let the music

In me flow

Round and round

The world I’ll spin

Laughing like

The sparrows in

Marshes where

We used to play

Running through

The fields of hay

When the sun

Would sink at last

Watch the fire

It burned so fast

Naught but Stars

In dead of night

Telling tales

Give children fright

When the words

Have all been spent

Douse the fire

The ashes vent

And we’ll lay

So far from home


Where next I’ll roam