Bunsen Lake Trips Take 1 and 2: Failure

So, two weeks in a row my family and I decide to try going to Bunsen Lake. Both times end in failure.

The first time we go, we get the canoe strapped to the car, pack a picnic, and get lost on the way over… Only to arrive and find out the park’s closed due to a forest fire.

We had the dogs in the car with us and one of them barfed, so we ended up stopping at Mundy Park to clean off the car mat and eat our picnic there.

Second time we go, canoe’s strapped to the car, picnic’s packed, we didn’t get lost this time (hooray for progress), and we get there to find out the parking lot’s full and we can’t get into the park. We really wanted to canoe today so we decided to go to Deer Lake instead and paddle around for a bit. The dog still ended up vomiting in the car. Twice.

Anyway, here’s come pictures from both trips. Clearly if we want to try this again on a weekend, we’re going to have to wake up ungodly early to get there before the park fills up.

Take 1:IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2252 IMG_2253 IMG_2257 IMG_2265 IMG_2268 IMG_2275 IMG_2285 IMG_2292 IMG_2294



Take 2:

IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2305 IMG_2307 IMG_2315 IMG_2318 IMG_2321 IMG_2325 IMG_2334 IMG_2340 IMG_2346 IMG_2360 IMG_2362 IMG_2363 IMG_2365 IMG_2370 IMG_2372 IMG_2373


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