What do I call this deliciousness?

Hey, sprites!

I just thought I’d tell you about this crazy good “cake” my mom made yesterday. Continue reading


Happy Canada Day! Part 2

Hello again, sprites! So, my Canada Day adventure is now over.

Candada Day Tea CollageI ran off into town first to buy the salmon and pick up a few things at the mall to spoil myself, including a nice canvas backpack and some fresh makeup. I stopped in at David’s Tea and got myself some super patriotic tea, and also got to enjoy a free slice of cake from a giant Canada Day cake (no pictures for that, sorry).


I ended up late for the flash mob, I think my skill in getting lost must have leveled up or something, and missed the main event, which I had planned to film for you guys. I was able to get in a dance or two before the group had to give up the stage for the next event.Heritage Park I didn’t stay for the festivities, as the heat was starting to wear on me and I still needed my water to last me until I got home. I also managed to get lost again on the way back, but managed to get home in plenty of time to enjoy a lovely dinner of salmon glazed with maple syrup and a side of fries.

Well, that’s all for today. I promise to write again soon.



Happy Canada Day!!

Hey, sprites!!

Another July 1st, another massive celebration across the country. Canada is now 148 years old.

So… What am I doing today? Well, I’m attending a flash mob with the dancing group I’ve recently joined, Suburban Swing. Heritage Park, Mission, 2:45pm. I’m looking forward to a good time with sunshine and dancing. I was so lucky not to be scheduled for work today, though I am curious how the special Canada Day apples we made yesterday will sell.

My mom and brother are both off to Whistler to watch an open air performance by the VSO. I would have gone with them but I want to get more involved with my dance people (group? club? I don’t know what to call it really. It’s not really a class…).

Tonight’s also my night to do dinner. I want to do something Canadian instead of the tacos I usually make (I might share my recipe with you guys someday), so I was thinking I could help my step-dad make some of his awesome salmon fish cakes, but we’ll see, I guess. Who knows, we might end up going out for dinner.

Anyway, I’ll take some pictures of the flash mob in action, maybe even shoot a video if I’m allowed, and share them with you guys. You’ll be hearing from me again either later today or after work tomorrow.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and have a great whatever kind of day to everyone else! I’ll be in touch.