Final Moments

She felt cold.


Everything around her felt cold. She was just numb.

Numb and empty and dark. A black hole.


The dagger in her hand glinted menacingly in the meager light. It called to her, “come and play”.

She placed the dagger back on the table, felt the wood grain beneath her fingers as she did so. There was a lingering warmth there. A candle that had recently burnt out.

She stepped away. One step. Two steps. Stop.

The dagger pierced her back, straight through to her heart. Blood ran like wine down her shirt.

The pain was dull. Almost like there was none. There was, however, a kind of relief.

She was dying. She didn’t care. Her spirit had already found its peace.

A final sigh. The light left her eyes.

There was a smile on her lips.


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