A Bit of Nihilistic Musing (Fiction)

I never realized I’d given up on this world until I stood there, at the edge. Looking down at all the people below me, insignificant specks of dust in the grand scheme of things, I wondered what was the point of it all? All the prose, the pomp and show, the flowery hue we tinge over everything to make it more palatable, was all so pointless.

So, why? Why all this vanity and denial? Why this falsehood of forced smiles and dark thoughts masked beneath cleverly crafted lies? What is the purpose in this world where we seem to exist merely to continue our own existence?

We grasp and struggle for material things that we cannot keep once we pass. A bigger house, fancier food, higher lifestyle, the easy life. All vanities and futile. Dust in the wind, as it were. As we are.


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