So I wrote a song with actual cadence. And gave it a tune and everything! AND I recorded it! Progress!

Now if only I had an instrument to play the melody… and I had any ability to write sheet music for a melody. Oh well, baby steps.

Lyrics included.

Can you hear me calling

Wind upon the ocean

Here this voice is singing

Reaching out to you

Bring me to the gulls’ songs

Soaring in the blue sky

I imagine all that they see

Things so bright and new


Far beyond the waters

Of my island home

There’s a whole world to explore

So I’ll take a raft

And I’ll go ‘a sailing

Like our ancestors once did before


I may miss the hot springs

And the verdant forest

May miss my guardian father

And the village songs

But I feel the wind at my back

And the sun, it leads me

I know I’m never lonely

So I shall carry on


Far beyond the waters

Of my island home

I’m out in the world to explore

I won’t say they were wrong

But they may be mistaken

Of this world, I still thirst to see more


Those back home would tell me

Tales of beasts and monsters

Of vagabonds and sorcer’rs

In the lands beyond

They make it sound like horror

But that will not scare me

I wish to see them myself

Before my time is gone


Far beyond the waters

Of what was once my home

There is so much to explore

Can one truly be lost

Without a destination

Maps and directions are a bore


Sometimes I imagine

Songs the pirates once sang

As they sailed the ocean

The world theirs to explore

I hope they can forgive me

My little wayward soul

Someday I’ll return there

With my own tales and lore


Far beyond the waters

Of that tiny island shore

I explore distant lands far and wide

All these things I have seen

Once I’d only dreamed of

The whims of my heart now my guide


I can hear the calling

Whispers of the night breeze

Fluttering through my hair

Pleasing to the ears

I listen to the songbirds

Telling me sweet stories

Their voices sing me to sleep

Dreaming free of tears


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