Unicorn Maiden

Once there was a maiden fair

Who lived in forests old

She’d befriended creatures there

And men both dull and bold


One such man was dark and gruff

With flintlock by his side

In and out of battle, tough

And took it all in stride


Another one, large of frame

Created many things

Constantly engulfed in flame

Bedecked with wires and springs


The smallest one, red and brown

A dullard, though quite smart

By far strongest in the town

But with the greatest heart


Then there was her tiefling friend

All mischief, music, spells

‘Gainst a child, he could not fend

And oft to wind he fell


Maiden fair, with hair so white

Her gifts she often used

To aid her friends in their plights

Spoke naught of what she’s fused


A talent gained through cruel means

Put on without consent

With each use, her self it drains

Ne’er knowing where it went


More was used, more it drained

Until she felt but cold

Left with bitterness, it pained

Wrestled with thoughts untold


Off she went, into the woods

Searching for what was lost

Alone she braved thieves and hoods

And battled rain and frost


Came at last upon a place

Where air had sounds of bells

There was lain creature of grace

Beside a starlit well


Unicorn, so fair and strong

That was this creature’s name

It spoke, “you do not belong”

And shook its silver mane


“Sir, I ask but for your aid”

The maiden’s pleas rang out

“My heart torn, my soul it fades,

Happiness but a drought”


The creature stared, long and fierce

Considering her tears

“Sing a song, my heart to pierce,

And I shall ease your fears”


So, young maiden sang her tale

The unicorn, it wept

“Restore your soul, I’ll not fail,

But heart’s scars will be kept”


“Only love may mend those wounds

That well of hurt, so deep

Many branches must be pruned

Before your fruit is sweet”


And so unicorn drew near

Touched iv’ry to her brow

With his muzzle, dried her tears

“Again, tis your soul now”


Thanking creature with a smile

Maiden blessed with a kiss

She travelled back many miles

Again she felt true bliss


Maiden returned to her friends

Worried whilst she’s away

Her wounded heart, their warmth cleansed

And with them she did stay


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