I’m drowning. I think that’s what it is. Except I can breathe, so maybe that’s not right.

Everything is floating around me; my hair, my dress, the ribbons I had tied so carefully but came undone anyway. It all looks like it’s underwater, and I’m falling headfirst into nothing. Slowly.

Perhaps sinking would be a better word.

There are bubbles, sometimes, in the space around me. Sometimes it’s black, sometimes it’s blue, and sometimes that pretty deep shade of purple that looks like it’ll just bleed into everything if you gave it half a chance.

It sounds like being underwater. I can hear it moving around me. Calming.

I don’t know how I got here, or when or why. But it’s peaceful. The space around me, I’m not sure if it’s water or air, it holds me gently. Little bubbles come out of my mouth sometimes, floating away into the nothing above me.

I wonder where it all ends. Does it even end? Do I really care?

It’s comfortable here.

Maybe this is all a dream.

It’s a nice dream.

I’ll just sleep.


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