Well! Work today was an experience!

Everything was going fine at first. I went in early to do some cleaning like my boss asked. It wasn’t too busy today, which I like. I even managed to up-sell to a customer who’d originally planned to get only one thing, and she left happy too.

Then this one guys comes in. He seemed totally normal. Asked me how much a bag of peanut brittle was, bought some, and left. About thirty seconds later he comes back in wanting to return it because his wife texted him saying she’d also just bought a bag.

We don’t do refunds. We physically can’t do refunds; it’s not a function in the till. We aren’t even allowed to do it because of food safe regulations. I offered to exchange the bag for a bag of different kettle candy (technically we aren’t supposed to do this either, but I didn’t want him to leave upset or anything). He snaps at me that peanut brittle “is the only thing she likes”.

Okay, then.

He asks to see the manager. She isn’t there, but the cook comes out to handle things, since she could see what was going on, and people tend to listen to her more because the chef whites make her look more in-charge-ish. She explained to him very calmly and sweetly that we can’t do refunds and the manager wasn’t there, unfortunately there was nothing we could do.

This guy grabs the bag of peanut brittle and storms out of the store yelling and swearing at us. Not two minutes later, he comes back to yell at us some more, screaming about how he’s going to slam us all over social media.

Bear in mind, it’s like 4 in the afternoon at the local mall. There are other people around to hear this. And this guy is throwing a fit at us. We were scared. We were terrified. I’m still pretty shaken by this whole ordeal.

Thankfully, he didn’t come back, and my shift ended  about 20 minutes later. Security even checked around for him, to make sure he didn’t come back to harass us again. I still had to pause every couple minutes to take a deep breath. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t stop holding myself because I was so freaked out. I was very near tears at one point.

I am immensely grateful that I managed to drive home safely in that state.

I really hope we don’t see him again. Sadly, apparently he’s a regular customer at the store just across the way, so the possibility of seeing him again is rather too high for my liking.

I am so glad I don’t have work tomorrow.


5 Simple Ways to Be Happy

I think there’s a few people I know whom this might help, at least a little. It’s certainly something I’ll be working on as well.

Of A Life Less Ordinary

imagesCreate a Healthy Environment: Surround yourself with people who are positive and/or who love and care for you.

Rid your life of toxic people; people who make you feel bad about yourself, or who make you feel sad often, people who stress you out, people who take but do not give back, etc.

Do what you Love: Find one thing (at least) that you love doing and are passionate about, and start doing it again regularly; baking, reading, a sport, fishing, playing cards, journaling, dancing, etc.

You don’t have to be good at it, just love doing it and do it often.

Try to find the Humor in things:
Laugh at your mistakes, be silly, watch good old fashioned comedy (try watching I Love Lucy,) and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Do  whatever you can to get yourself to smile and hopefully even laugh now and then, so you don’t…

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Life Experience: Changing a tire

I had to change a tire on my car for the first time the other day. Turned out I’d driven for at least a day on a tire with no air in it whatsoever (I was wondering what that weird rumbling was). I’m glad for one thing, and that’s that my step-dad was there to help me out because I can never remember how to work the air compressor (or how to turn it on, at least).

The little adventure started with finding the car jack. In my car, it’s not in the back with the rest of the stuff. No, it’s under the driver’s seat. Why? I have no idea. From what I can tell, there’s plenty of room for the jack in the little back compartment, but apparently the designers didn’t think so.

After we found all the components, we had to get the car jacked up. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as you might think. There is a LOT of twisting on the jack’s screw before it’s decently off the ground to actually begin removing the flat tire. Then you gotta get the bolts off the tire, which first requires removal of the hubcap. By the time we got the tire off, my step-dad says it’s a good idea to check if the spare has enough air in it.

It didn’t.

So off we went to the garage to fill up both tires and check to see if the flat was from a hole in the tire or if it had just been deflating. There was a hole. So, with the spare all brought up to pressure, on it went to my car. I spent two days driving around on that thing before I could get the real tire patched up.

Luckily, I have all my tires again. And I got my oil changed too, so hopefully there aren’t any more catastrophic happenings for the next few months.