Aesthetic: In the Cell

A cell of stone bricks, lit by meager torchlight. The floor covered in dust and stray tufts of straw and fur from the shedding dog. A wooden table, old, worn, and scarred. Upon it lay a rusty dagger and a single apple turning red. A sturdy chair, with a groove worn into it from years of being sat upon.

Musty air, smelling of earth and smoke, tasting of dust. The crackle of fire from a torch. The contented sigh of the dog. The sound of footsteps on cobble, and keys jangling loosely. Somewhere, a cat purrs and pads softly down the hall.


One thought on “Aesthetic: In the Cell

  1. Only in Dreams. says:

    This was a lovely piece to read. I really enjoyed the use of senses to describe the cell and create an atmosphere. Through this technique, I was able to gauge a sense of longing and isolation as each sense is heightened. You can tell that the narrator is alert and aware of each surrounding. It conveys a sense of loneliness and desperation.

    I would love to have some feedback on my latest piece if you have time 🙂


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