Fake a Smile

Cobweb shelters in my mind

Feeding off the darkness

All the lies we tell ourselves

To make it all seem okay

I’m drowning in their sorrow

Choking the life out of me

I want to apologize

For the pain I may have caused

And for wishing myself away

When I know that others hurt so much more

I’m not really here

I never really was

Just a siren with no song

A ghost who never did belong

Watching the world pass by

Trying to make ripples in a frozen pond

I’m sorry for running away

For never facing things head on

But my fear holds me in place

The darkness keeps me in its embrace

But it’s not so bad

So I suck it up and continue on

Pretending all is fine

Smiling sweetly through the pain

And that is why I drown

Because I’m not really there