I am not a mountain lion

Though I may roar

I am not a martyr

Though I cry

All I am is but a sparrow

Who still needs to learn

How to use my wings


Mom has to take one of the dogs to get put down today. He’s had cushings disease for the past few months, and recently he took a turn for the worse. My mom and the vet agreed that putting him down might be the best thing for him. She and my brother went to the vet. I’m at home, mowing the lawn. I think… having so many pets die before has made me a bit numb to it. That being said, I didn’t want to say goodbye to him.


You really should have listened
When I told you I would fail
I promised you the stars
Through which we would sail
I promised to love you always
Through clear days and stormy nights
I said that I would hold you
That for your love I would fight
I promised you great riches
But here we are with naught
And I cannot count the sorrows
That this fool has wrought
You deserved so much more
Than the wreck I turned to be
And yet I still find you here
Smiling next to me