My friend and I wrote a book, how do we publish it?

Hello, my dear readers! It’s been a while since I last posted, my apologies.

You may or may not remember my announcing a few months back that I have a book in the works that I’m writing with a friend. Well, I wanted to announce that the writing portion of the book is complete! I’ve done a first and second round of editing, and it’s currently under the scrutiny of a few beta readers I’ve set up, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding publishing.

Should we get an agent? Should we not? What publishing house is better or should we try and self-publish? If we self-publish, how should we get around the fact that I’m in Canada and she’s in the states in regards to payment? I am rather novice to the whole business, so any advice would be wonderful.

The novel is High Fantasy (I’m pretty sure, some of the various sub-genre definitions make it a bit fuzzy) set in a world of our own making and focused on the pirate captain of The Blue Mariner and her search for the man responsible for her late father’s arrest and subsequent execution. It also follows various members of her crew as they sail with her on this journey.

My friend and I are considering making this into a series eventually, or at the very least writing a sequel.

Again, any advice you can give on this matter is much appreciated, and I will of course tell you all when the book itself is published.

God bless, everyone. TTFN~