Aesthetic: River Path

Cool. Bubbling fast. But calm. Graceful. Shimmering glass, alive with light and movement. Each stone a leaping point, disturbing the flow and shaping it anew.

Ever-changing. No moment like the one before, and a new face every time the shadows blink.

An embrace like thick wind and gentle ice. It steals, it holds, it encourages to float. Such a fickle thing, water is. A leaf riding currents upstream suddenly ejected onto a bank of mud and worn pebbles later on.

Creatures come and go, leaving ripples of their kisses, soon swept away. Only the fish ever stay. Not even them. Winged beasts soaring high above, mere silhouettes above the canopy, always out of reach.

The willows are the favoured friends. Demurely reaching for the surface, so shy as they inch ever closer in their desire to be near. A lovely curtain of green to filter the harsh sunlight. It is pleasing to play amongst their roots, sheltering little frogs and insects from the more demanding whims of the path.

The mood shifts quickly. A soothing meander becomes raging panic, before mellowing into something that might be mistaken for sleep. Another broken craft drifts by, sundered upon the teeth and pining for the ocean.

The sun sets, and the stars appear. Bright, buzzing, whirling over the surface in a beautiful dance of lights. A private show.


Happy Canada Day!

So, I had a very nice outing today. No better way to spend a holiday than with a friend or some family (provided they are amicable enough).

We decided to go enjoy the festivities in Fort Langley, and were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t too overcrowded. I had a nice lunch at the grilled cheese place (my timing was rather fortunate as they had to close for the day shortly after I received my order due to supply shortages), and got to have a nice wander about with my chosen party.


Modeling my new earrings. I’m super proud of them, even though I really only chose two beads. I did get to make the loop that attaches to the hook on one of them, though. Way easier than I thought.


Bonbons from my favourite candy store. Nice and chewy.


The green ones were made by my friend, the bottom by my mom, and the red ones are mine. So pretty, right?

I met a few local writers, found a nice little bead gallery where I got to make myself a pair of earrings for extremely cheap, and paid my usual visit to my favourite candy shop. I have obtained bonbons.



Raspberry white chocolate mousse. Yes, it was as delicious as it looks, and there was a lot. Totally worth what I paid for it.

My mom also took me to a relatively new art cafe where I got to try some delicious raspberry and white chocolate mousse and something called a Lelam fog (basically a London fog with lavender added in). Let me tell you, they were delicious.


Lelam fog in my David’s Tea mug, modeled by my lovely friend.



There were also hayrides, though I sadly did not get to partake.

It seemed like nearly everyone had brought their dogs out with them, and the weather held up rather nicely despite ominous clouds being present since the morning. All in all, a very nice outing. My only regret is not taking more pictures.


Believe it or not, this is hot chocolate that my friend bought. Really nice, and they even put fancy fern leaves on the top.