Happy 2017 Everybody!!

So, yeah, it’s a new year. And I still haven’t fixed my problem with posting consistently. Sorry about that! To hopefully alleviate that problem, I’ve come across a little list that gives story prompts for each week of the year. My goal is to have each week’s story done by the Saturday, what I consider to be the end of the week.

I’ve never been a big fan of doing New Years resolutions, mostly because I have the memory of a goldfish and forget what I even resolved within the week. That being said, I do have a few I’d like to make, for the sake of self-improvement.

  1. Publish the Novel: It’s been “done” for a few months now, but Silver and I are going through soon for another run of editing and general improving of everything. Some additions will be made, some reductions, but all in all I hope that the story will be better for it. We do have a plan for where to publish now. We’ve decided that going with Amazon would be the easiest, since we literally live in two separate countries and we’ll still be able to make minor edits if needed. Another perk is that, while the format is primarily ebooks, we can also have some hard copies published too, which is nice for me who vastly prefers the printed page over any other medium.
  2. Complete the Weekly Prompt list: Not much explaining needed. It might help fix some writers’ block if I actually have some prompts to get me going sometimes.
  3. Complete Pokemon Moon and Fill the Pokedex: Yes, I jumped on the hype train. This is my first actual Pokemon game, and aside from a few minor things, I’m really enjoying it so far. I tend to be either a completionist or a “drop it after so long” sort of person with games, depending on how interesting/difficult they are. This one is one I’d like to complete, and filling the pokedex sounds like a fun side achievement I should try undertaking.
  4. Actually get my chores done in a timely manner: I tend to put off doing my chores. A lot. I need to stop that.

In other news, it snowed!

Winter Cherry TreeIt’s been doing so on and off for the past month, with weird clear weeks where the snow melts. We didn’t get a white Christmas, but at least we got a white New years.

I always get unreasonably happy when there’s fresh powder on the ground. I start laughing and jumping around like a little kid. Until my terrible stamina catches up with me and I’m panting like I just did the Grouse Grind again.

Expect a story this coming Saturday.



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