Writing Prompts Week 1: A New Beginning

One last thing in the box. The last of his things. It had taken over a week to find them all, and now they were all here in the same place, staring back like a lost puppy. But where to put them?

There was always the basement, in some dark corner where it would get covered in cobwebs and forgotten, buried under other old things that were no longer needed but too difficult to give up, perhaps even soaked and ruined in the aftermath of the next plumbing repair job that’d need doing. That’s too close, though.

There was also the option of driving them back to his house. A quick trip in the middle of the night to drop it on the front porch and run before anyone could see or question. It was hard to go there, though. It had been hard ever since….

Mother’s attic was always a good place to hide things. She hadn’t gone up there in years. Not since her knee had surgery and she couldn’t even manage the stairs on her own, let alone the ladder to the attic. The home elevator would only go on the stairs. Mice would get to it there, burrowing their little homes made of fabric scraps and old torn newspapers. Given a few years, the things inside might not even be recognizable. The attic was a forgotten place.

The dump might be the most sensible place. Piles upon piles of trash and detritus, things no one had any use for. Everything inside would be left to the mercy of the crows and maggots and the wayfarers who explored the mountains of forgotten treasures. There was a fee to leave things there, however, and surely the man at the booth would give a look of disdain to see that nothing inside was sorted or recycled. The judgemental look.

Charity was always a good option. Provide clothes and nice things for those less fortunate. They wouldn’t take anything personal, though. And how would it feel to see a complete stranger walk past in the smoky flannel shirt he always wore to bed, or wearing the locket he’d once given? The pawn shop would provide the same problem, except the items would have to be appraised and haggled over as well. No, they needed to be forgotten. Probably not worth much anyway.

A long drive out to the middle of nowhere, the top of a mountain where teenagers came to drink and hold bonfires. This was a good place. Just set it down in the middle of the pit. The lighter fluid that had come with the barbeque had never seen much use until now. Toss a match and back away to watch the show.

All of it is gone now. He is gone now. It’s time for a fresh start. A new beginning.


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