Writing Prompts Week 7: A Story About a Journey

You’ve come a long way since then.

Once, you were a bright-eyed, naive little thing. You wondered if the world stretched on forever and dragons slept underground to make mountains. Classes seemed to go on forever and Summer was never long enough. The trees were filled with all manner of fae and the dark corners of the hall held the scariest monsters.

And then you grew up. You learned that things were not so wondrous as you had once believed. Your eyes lost their gleam and your steps became heavy. Things you’d once enjoyed did nothing to lift your spirits and became a chore. Life was hard for you.

You sought help, though. It wasn’t easy. Therapist after therapist, medication after treatment; nothing seemed to work. But you weren’t alone. Your friends, your family; they all encouraged you, helped you the best they could. So you kept trying.

One time you nearly gave up. You were found, though. Saved. Because you are worthy of being saved.

It took a long time, many tears, and more than a few meltdowns, but you finally found something that worked. Everything started to look up again. The childhood innocence you’d cherished once was gone, but there was light in the world again. Your sense of wonder had returned. Unicorns and trolls might not exist in this world, but they did in your own. Stories could almost tell themselves as they ran through your mind and out of your fingertips.

Even on the days the stories would not come, there was still small magic to help you. The early morning sun peeking through rainclouds at just the right angle, a knot on a tree that made it look like it had a face, unexpected letters in the mail from faraway acquaintances. All these things and more. You’re no longer what you once were, and the journey here was hard, but you made it in the end. You are stronger.


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