Where have “Tale of Thorns” and “Belladonna’s Journal” Gone?

Hi, readers!

You might have noticed, two categories and their contained story chapters are now missing from my blog. That’s because I’ve just removed them.

“Tale of Thorns” and its supplement, “Belladonna’s Journal”, were originally inspired by a role play I had taken part in on a site I’m no longer a part of. The character of Belladonna was rather hastily thrown together, with bits being added on as I saw appropriate. I’d thought I’d done a decent amount of research in the relevant subjects of Depression, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. I had done a few quick wikipedia searches on the basics of the subjects.

Looking back on her now, having been separate from both that role play, the story its setting originally been based on, and “Tale of Thorns” itself for a good long time, I’ve come to realize that Belladonna is not the best portrayal of any of those mental issues in any capacity. I’d fallen into the media trap of making them scarier and over-dramatized for the sake of raising the stakes in a story I’d barely planned out from the beginning. As she is currently, Belladonna is not a good character. I failed to make her human beyond the things she suffered from.

In light of these recent revelations, I’ve decided to remove “Tale of Thorns” from this blog. I want this site to contain my best content, things I can be proud of, and things that are truly original to me. That story is none of those things as it currently is.

I may attempt to rewrite it in future, with more thought put into the story, characters, and how things would play out. I want to make it something unique to me and I want it to be a truer portrayal of those living with the mental illnesses Belladonna suffers from. I might change what she’s diagnosed with, or remove something entirely, but I will definitely be revising her backstory and the world she lives in. When it is something I can be proud of again, I’ll be more than happy to post the pieces here.

Again, I make no guarantees that this will be something happening in the future, but if it is, I promise it will be better. I’m currently debating whether or not to keep vampires as part of the story and whether or not interactions with them are actually a necessary part of her becoming who she is.

Anyway, this was a long announcement/journal post. Expect the next writing prompt story by Saturday as usual.



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